right or wrong

Hello :slight_smile:

Are the following sentences correct and natural-sounding?

A: How do I get to Arc station?
B: How can I get to Arc station?
C: Can you direct me to Arc station?
D: How many stations do I have to pass before I get there?
E: (in a restaurant) What’s your specialty for today? or What’s your specialty today?
F: What’s your bestselling dish/menu?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge

These sentences all sound clear and perfectly acceptable. Three small things:

  1. I am not sure whether there would be restaurants that had a new specialty every day. A specialty is supposed to be something that the restaurant is specialised in, like a special dish that they have a unique recipe for; I’d rather expect “dish of the day” or something like that.
  2. I think “best-selling” might need a hyphen, but that isn’t important.
  3. In D, while “have” sounds OK to me, perhaps “need” would sound a bit more natural.