right or wrong?

Hello :slight_smile:

Could somebody go through the sentences below and please tell me if they are right and natural sounding? I have my take on them but I’m not completely sure about it.

A: It’s absurd of you to say that? (I personally think that this sentence is grammatical but I don’t think it sounds natural, am I right? :slight_smile:)
B: I accordingly gave up my plan.( Can I also say, 'I gave up my plan accordingly. Do both sound natural?)
C: Have you booked an accommodation? (Is it Ok to use an article before “accommodation”?)
D: Who is to accompany you. (I guess this is also grammatical but I think it sounds too formal, am I right?)
E: The company have to supply accommodations to their clients

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I truly appreciate it[/s]

A. Sounds natural enough - but no question mark should be used.
B. I’d prefer the second option.
C. Drop the article. It’s incorrect there.
D. Is formal, but sounds okay. Informally: Who’s coming/going with you?
E, The company has to supply accommodation for their clients.

Thanks again Beeesneees