right answer

What is the correct answer for this item?

  1. ________ the weather is bad, the meeting was cancelled.
    a. As
    b. Even if
    c. Unless
    d. Because

It seems like A and D are both possible answers.

A is correct.“As” here means “Since” .
D is not a right choice-The meeting was cancelled because the weather was bad.
Hope this helps,

Thank you for answering Morteza. I would like to ask the difference in meaning between the two sentences:

a. Because the weather was bad, the meeting was cancelled.
b. Because the weather is bad, the meeting is cancelled.

or letter b is grammatically incorrect?

Hi Pinayausie,

If that is the question then the test is flawed - I agree with you that there are two possible answers.
I also dislike the mis-match between the tenses is/was in the question, but that is another matter.

Oh I see. May I ask how to improve this item so there would be only one possible answer Beeesneees.

Change answer a or d.