Right and correctly: Did I get it right?

Hi! Please read the two sentences below.

1)Did I get it right?

2)Did I answer it correctly?

Can I also say, “Did I get it correctly?” and “Did I answer it right?” Are the words, “right” and “correctly”, interchageable?

Yes, Chocolatee, in your sentences both adverbs ‘right’ and ‘correctly’ have the same meaning and are interchangeable.

Hi chocolatee

I would say “Did I get it correctly?” is not OK here (i.e. not the same as “Did I answer correctly?”.).


Amy, at first I also thought that Chocolatee asked whether both sentences have the same meaning or are interchangeable. But his/her question refers to the adverbs only, as far as I understand.

Hi Conchita

My reaction was, indeed a reaction to chocolatee’s specific examples. More precisely, to the word “get”.

If chocolatee had used e.g. “do” instead of “get” in his/her example, then I would have had no reservations whatsoever in saying that “right” and “correctly” were interchangeable.

So, I just thought it was worth mentioning that “Did I get it correctly?” wasn’t a terribly good example of interchangeability.


Hi! Thank you for answering my question, Miss Conchita and Miss Amy. I just have another question. What is the difference between “get” and “do”? Why is it better to say “do” in my examples? Thanks.