ride vs drive

Can someone please tell me the difference between ride and drive?

As I understand it, people ride motorbikes, horses etc while they drive cars, buses.

Am I wrong?

Hi Daemon99

The rule you’re thinking about is an extremely general one. It works much of the time, but definitely not all the time. It is an easy, over-simplified rule for beginners.

Just a basic comment about cars and buses:
Only the driver can drive a car or bus. The passengers ride.

With regard to motorcycles, if there are two people on the same motorcycle, then the person who is actually operating the motorcycle can also be said to be ‘driving’ it.

In case of horses and camels , If there is more than one person riding the camel , on of them is definitely riding the animal ( driving ) but the other one ( He … the animal ) would you complete the blank , please
with my best regards