Hi everyone, can you please tell what words you use when you look for or offer a ride? Let’s say you are a commuter and you travel to work by car. Instead of just driving on your own you look for another passenger you take in your car. In German there is the term ‘Mitfahrgelegenheit’ or ‘MFG’ and this sort of commuting/car sharing is quite popular especially now because of the financial crisis and soaring oil prices. What about the US and the UK? How widespread how such systems there and what terminology do you use? What websites are most popular to offer and find ‘rides/lifts’?


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Hi Torsten

In the US, the most common term would be “carpool”/“carpooling”. This involves private vehicles. People get together and travel to work together in a car owned by someone in the group. The people involved figure out the details (i.e. Do they use a different car every day or week, who drives when, etc.)

Some places have what are known as “HOV” lanes on major highways. (“HOV” = high occupancy vehicle) These lanes cannot be used by cars with only a single occupant.

There is also something called “park and ride”. In this case, people drive to a what is basically a parking lot outside a big city or perhaps a few miles from a large industrial area, park their cars there, and then take a bus the rest of the way.

Other terms for ‘car pooling’ are:

  • car sharing
  • lift sharing
  • ride sharing

Unfortunately, this is not a very common practice in Spain (yet).