Rich people barely feel happy

Do you agree or disagree with following statement? People who don’t need to work because they have enough money barely feel happy.

Many people in the world dreams about become rich overnight, so they don’t need to work to earn their livings and can enjoy a delightful life. However, there are some people argue that people barely feel happy if they don’t need a job. The answers to the controversy vary from one person to another. From my point view, even though people can gain their gratification from their work and achievements, I disagree with the statement that rich people barely feel happy because they don’t need to work.

Admittedly, people who have a job can obtain gratification and achievability from their accomplishments. For example, my mother, a police officer, always feels happy and gratified when a case was solved through her efforts and the teamwork with her colleagues. However, as a matter of fact, most people work because they need to earn their livings and support their families. If one is rich enough and don’t need to work, he will be free from the stress, and never worry about his family members. Therefore, they can live a comfortable and delightful life.

To begin with, rich people who don’t needs to work may enjoy a brilliant life in another style. Even though those people have no career objectives, they can devote themselves to other meaningful things. For example, a people with enough money can travel around the world and visit a lot of famous places, such as Statue of Liberty in America, Pyramids in Egypt, Eiffel Tower in France and so on. By visiting these places, they will establish a profound understanding of the customs, histories, religions and other parts that can reflect the various cultures of different peoples and civilizations. They can gain spiritual gratification even if they do nothing but traveling and sight-seeing.

Moreover, a non-work life means people can spend more time with their families and friend. Too much of work will make people rarely have time to share some happy times with their relatives and friends. Taking my father as an example, he is so busy with his studies in a financial company that he even didn’t come to my school to see my high school graduation ceremony, and I never spend my birthday together with him.

In conclusion, even if a rich people don’t go to work, he or she can obtain their happiness by doing something they are interested in such as travelling, or by spending time with his or her family and friends.

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