Is it correct to say ‘Can we retrieve the rent?’

It would be an unusual sentence. What are the circumstances?

Do you mean
“Can we reclaim the rent?”

  • we initially pay the rent but then get it refunded from someone, this may be the company we paid it too or may be a different company.

“Can we get a rent refund?”

  • we have paid the rent but get it back from the company we pay it too because of some problem or change in circumstances.

I mean the latter.

In that case, it’s not right to use retrieve. Use ‘refund’ as indicated.

Can we have the rent refunded?
Can we have a rent refund?

Thanks B.

What if I mean the former? Would ‘reclaim’ be more appropriate?

‘Retrieve’ would only be possible if you meant that the rent had gone to the wrong place and you were trying to get it back.