Response to 'THANKS'

Please list the various ways of responding (in BrE and AmE – both formal and informal) to someone who says ‘Thanks’/‘Thank you’.

You say ‘… the various ways of responding’ as if there is a limited prescribed list.
That’s not the case.

A very small number of many examples:
You’re welcome
That’s fine
No problem
No worries
It’s a pleasure
My pleasure
Don’t mention it
That’s okay
Thank you too
Thanks to you too
Not at all
Not at all - thank you!
It was/It’s nothing

You say ‘… . A very small number of many examples.’ But I wanted as many as are in use in BrE and in AmE, formal and informal. If it’s difficult for you, I should wait for others to help me. I have a purpose for the categorised list. I’m already aware of all those but It was/It’s nothing.

“as many as are in use” is impossible, as what to say may be entirely context dependent. There is even a case for saying nothing.
I couldn’t provide a comprehensive list even if I sat here thinking up scenarios all day.

By the way, you’re welcome, despite the distinct lack of thanks.

What you have given already does not serve my purpose. Leave it.

Little did I know that ‘the various ways of responding’ would mean ‘as if there is a limited prescribed list.’

Now you are asking for thanks. And when I praise you, you use words which, as a teacher, I always frown upon. And my culture does not allow me even to retort in the same coin or repeat what you have said. At the most I’d say: I reciprocate (with the same words as you have used). I have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren as well as my own students, friends and relatives in the presence of whom I detest to mention the word/words you have chosen. Nevertheless I am not hesitant to express my thanks to any person. You can keep counting it now: THANK YOU (which I raise to infinity). My parents taught me this: Remember, like charity, mutual respect also begins at home. Thanks for your patience.