There is a move afoot in the UK at the moment to try to persuade people to show more respect to one another - in other words to be nicer to one another. Apparently we are not doing that and this is very much reflected in the popular TV soaps where everyone is really horrid towards one another.

If you have a moment, I would be most grateful if you would kindly let me know what your thoughts are on this topic and whether people in your country are having the same problem. Thanking you so very much for your kind attention. Do enjoy your Saturday. Best wishes


Hello Alan,

The Malaysian government carried out this kind of campaign once. They made advertisement messages on tvs and radios mainly showing the usual or famous situations where Malaysians are usually rude, whether it’s queuing, on the road or on the bus etc. And also by showing how easy it is to be nicer and how much more pleasant it would be if only people behave in the opposite way.

It is hard to say whether people really bought the idea and changed their attitude just by watching those advertisements. But I think it must have somewhat worked, or else the government won’t be using the same method to influence people’s vote which is by airing some quotations by some prominent political person over and over again until it starts sounding like an old record and people start believing.

Which is a good thing in this case because I noticed that the government servants on any serving counter are much nicer the last time I went to renew my passport.

A wise woman told me once, you might not believe something told to you the first, second, third or the 20th time, but you will believe it the 100th time. So I think this (what the Malaysian government did) is a good method of influencing people to be nicer to each other.


hey Alan,
well, there’s no country that doesn’t have this problem
it’s very common nowadys , and it’s hard to persuade people to respect one another
and it’s even harder to try to change one’s behvior .
For me, I always try to be nice to other people and I do respect them no matter what because I believe that we’re all human beings after all and no one should feel better that anyone else , that how I was raised , and thats what my religion taught me .
But when people don’t respect me I think that this is due to them and their way of living .
we sure should try to make everyone respect one another but we can’t force them to do so at the same time.


Hi Alan,

Respect. What a beautiful word!!
This is a value that we are loosing. I remember when I was a child everybody in my country treated each other
with respect. It was unbelievable to see a youngster treating disrespectfully to an elder person.
Nowadays, unfortunaly we can see that everyday.
Parent’s fault! I’m completely sure. The problem is that parents aren’t aware of their role of educators.
They leave this role to the teachers, professors, an even to the TV.
Teachers and other members of the educational system have to cope with youngsters with no other help than the hope that we will be able to create real human beings. But this is mission of everybody.
I remember an add in Spain against drugs that showed a christening of a child and the priest call to everybody involved in the future education of the child. He began to call to the TV producers, future friends, parents, Adds reponsibles, neighboors, …


P.D. Please correct my english if I’ve written something wrong.

Respect is a word everybody should keep in mind.

Not only people shoud respect people but country should respect country.

Anyway, don’t treat others the way you don’t like being treated.First we should do it ourselves and what we do will influence the people around us and then they will influece the people arround them. Little by little The whole society will be better than before.

Chinese have several pet peeves which can’t be tolerated by foreigners, such as spitting everywhere, running through the trafic light, making noise in public place, littering public places. But nowadays students in school are being taught that these bad behaviors are not decent. Some students will correct their parents when their parents do something wrong. But i also saw some pupile littered out from the window of car which really disppointed me.

Spitting in public place is an act of showing no respect to others.Sometimes i am walking in the street in a beautiful dress and feeling good about myself when a guy walks toward me and spits. “My god. What 's wrong with me?” I will feel miserable in the rest of the day. Despite that I know spitting is just a habit of the guy and he does it just out of habit intead of insulting me, I still feel very bad.

I’ve experienced that very feeling, too – isn’t it awful? Then I thought that maybe some men do that for want of a better thing to do or even just for attitude – they think it looks macho or something.

Well, the idea isn’t too far-fetched, according to the following article (scroll down to the text next to the second picture):


It is very interesting that except the spitting in Titanic when Jack taught Rose how to spit like a man, i felt it was romantic and funny but i can bear any others spitting. Maybe if they were as handsome as Leonard, i would. J/K

Nowadays people will be fined 50 yuan for each spitting.But i still feel it is not enough.

Respect should be instilled in people since their childhood. Unfortunately, people of my generation here( in town) changed for the worse. Their cultural level leaves much to be desired. There are countless examples of disrespect that I witness all the time, but no measures are taken in my country. The issue is left in abeyance :cry:


More respect to others seems necessary nowadays. Unfortunately, respect to others is considered a weakness too often.