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Dear Kito,

I am confusing especailly about the TOEFL IBT, culd you clear me , is there any meaning to receive long format( 5 Passages) or short format( 3 passages) in reading passage. I heard today from my friends that one get the long format and another get the short format, but they are taking the exam in the same day in same location, and same time .


TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of History

Good morning Parajuli, I really have no idea over the test-setting of the examiners, but
it is feasible that what happened with your friends is entirely possible, although unusual.

Perhaps someone else on the Forum could answer this better than I.


Hello Parajuli,
From what I have read in books, it is true that the examinees taking the TOEFL exam at the same time may not
have the same reading passages. That is the way ETS made it.

Further more, not all the FIVE PASSAGES will account for your scores but you still need to work hard in all because
you don not know which ETS will consider.

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Hello Parajuli.
Nazuahp is completely right. Both the listening and the reading section have a long and short format. If the reading will be long, I mean 5 passage, the listening will be short(3 passage)or vise versa. But you should try to do your best in all passages because you do not know which one will be evaluated by ETS

Dear All

Thank you for you all, for your prompt response in my query. But I heard that the composition is matched with the performance. If some one did the good in first three passage, he has not get the long format, otherwise they get the long format with little bit simple question. But I am not sure. If anyone has information please response. It will be helpful for all


No parajuli,
That is not correct that if you did good in first 3 passage then long format not came.
But may be he get long format in listening section.
It is internet based test.
It also can happen that you did not get any long format in both sections.
Just do well on your exam.
It will be helpful for I think you.

You would not know whether you will have shorter passages and longer lectures or conversations.
You can have longer passages and longer lecture or shorter passages and longer lectures. This setting
a lot.
If you are still confused, forward you query to ETS.

Best regards.

Dear Nzuahp,

Thank you for your information


You are welcome my friend