Request to all the coaches

Dear sir/ madams, I’ll appreciate it very much if U completely modify this post and make it grammatical too. Thanks to all in advance for your feedbacks and advice.

“When I was a school-going kid, I wanted to become a renowned expert in electronics/ writer. But more than half of my life has gone, I have achieved nothing. Got married, produced a son, his mom passed away (of liver cancer) 14 months after giving birth. Now, I am useless. I am of nothing, neither here nor there. I am living my life without any hope to look forward to. I am dying slowly. Everyday is a real challenge for me. This is my life which I must accept though it’s not worth living. After all, I have no choice. Sometimes, I console myself, at least, I am alive and there’s someone who cares for me.”


Hi, I have made some corrections. Hopefully this is for a novel you are writing and not autobiographical.


  1. I got married, produced a son; his mom passed away (of liver cancer) 14 months after giving birth.
  2. I got married, produced a son; his mom passed away (of liver cancer) 14 months ago after giving birth.
    Can I rewrite #1 as #2.

Thanks a lot to you for the correction. One more request: can anyone make my post in an advanced way. Thanks.

No, #1 means she died when her child was 14 months old, we don’t know when in the past this happened. #2 means she died 14 months before the present time, probably right after she had her baby, but that part is not completely clear.

Feedback is uncountable in my book and ‘you’ still consists of three letters ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Where is the Stafford building?[YSaerTTEW443543]

For practicing good english speaking (and english in general)
what will my firt step please

Dear Toresten sir,
Thank you very much for correcting me all the time.

Dear Luschen,
Thank you very much for your help. I mean to say though it’s grammatical or not " She passed away when the son was 14 months old. “By the way, can U completely modify my post using advanced English words without altering the meaning.” Thanks to you.


Attention: Luschen
Are you in Nashville, Tennessee or in one of the places of UK? I prefer American English to the British one.

Hello Mentors,

While reading, I have come across a confusing phrase. “She passed away when the son was 14 months old.

What is the difference between 14-month old and 14 months old?

Is it connected to the attributive adjective?


Yes, a “14-month old” is a noun, “14 months old” is an adjective phrase.

Hi, I am in Nashville, Tennessee, Music City USA :slight_smile:

I think you writing sounds fine the way it is. I think relatively simply language is most appropriate for a plaintive message like this.

Thanks a lot luschen for your prompt action. I really appreciate it very much.

PS: Is my writing style ok and understandable? I make mistakes, there is no doubt about it. I like to be corrected. Please correct my errors in my writings/ posts or wherever you find.Thanks.