Hi Dear friends,

I wrote a letter to a person for asking some question, it is about one week that I have not received a response from her. It is formal to send her another letter but with the same correspondence as the first one? If not please advise me.
Thanks in advance of your kind attention.

Why wouldn’t you give her a shout!

I’ll be thankful if a teacher correct me as well.

I mentioned FORMAL. Do you know it’s meaning?

Do I know its meaning?

I’ll give you a shout.
I’ll give you a phone call.


if I got what you’d asked.

I think it’s normal to send a second letter to the person inquiring about the first one (and still stay within the bounds of formality).
Write something along the lines of:


I wrote you a letter on “insert the date” and haven’t received a reply yet. I would be very grateful if you replied me as a matter of urgency.

PS: Only if the second letter goes unanswered, do not send a third letter, because it can be considered as harassment (maybe by not replying to you the person is trying to communicate to you that he or she is not interested in talking to you)

In the UK, at least:
I would be very grateful if you would reply to me as a matter of urgency.

Thanks, Bev!

I think it should be with “to” and “would” in all English-speaking countries.
I just made a mistake.=)