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This paper discusses religious values between population of the United States and Argentinian society. It describes the main religions in both countries and how the most important values from religion influences on families, marriage and charity.

Religion has been an extremely powerful institution for centuries in the world. Nowadays, Religious doctrines and beliefs play a very important role in the development of the American culture and Argentinian society. This influence goes beyond providing spiritual guidance for people because it also has a huge impact in the areas of their life such as cultural, social, and even political areas of the society. Taking in consideration all these factors it has admitted that the most important values are transmitted by the Church.

Religion has incorporated many moral values within American and Argentinian families and within their communities which regulate and harmonize human life. It is religion which tells people what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil, what is just and what is unjust, what is a virtue and what is a vice. Although the majority of Americans are Christians, there are many different Protestant denominations or groups such as Baptists, Methodists, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Episcopalian. As regard the Roman Catholic Church 24 percent of Americans identify themselves with Catholicism while there is an estimated 33 million baptized Roman Catholics in Argentina, roughly 89% of the population. In both countries, there is freedom to practice religious beliefs which is written in their Constitutions.

Family is the main unit of teaching moral and religious values. Religious beliefs are taught to children by their parents. They must create an atmosphere animated by love and respect for God and man, gratitude and brotherhood. Argentina as well as in the USA some families participate in religious activities and traditions like saying a prayer of thanks (called “grace”) before eating each meal they take in their homes. Another way of thanks God are the peregrinations. In Argentina, Many people make annual pilgrimages to holy sites and local shrines. Each year, thousands of people make the pilgrimage on foot from Buenos Aires to honour the Patron Saint of Argentina, the Virgin of Luján. Another important pilgrimage site is Itatí, in Corrientes Province on the Parana River, where people honour the Virgin of Itatí every July 16. A part from that, people meet together in the church to develop and strengthen their friendships with each other. It helps to encourage a strong spirit of brotherhood between families. What is more, This is widely seen in religious ceremonies and celebrations such as Baptism, Marriage, Confirmation, Christmas, etc.

Religion helps people to communicate in two directions. First, there is social communication. People meet together for a common purpose, for example to pray together, to perform a ritual together. Although it is often spoken about Church buildings, the ‘church’ is really made up of the people who attend. This idea was developed by the Apostle Paul who said: “the Church is like a body, which has many parts, and which all work together to make the whole body function”. As a consequence, they are able to understand one another, to communicate ideas and feelings and to act more or less as a social unit, even if there may be other differences. Secondly, there is vertical communication between man and God, as well as between man and the spirit beings.

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