relative clause + was

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The restaurant was near the airport. (suggests not now, once near the airport. For example 2000)
The restaurant is near the airport.(suggests at present near the airport)

1)What does the following sentence suggest?
The restaurant where we had dinner was near the airport.

2)Is the following sentece correct?
The restaurant where we had dinner is near the airport.


  1. It suggests that we had dinner in the past at a restaurant near the airport. The restaurant is probably still there, but if the dinner was 40 years ago, it might not be.

  2. We had dinner at a restaurant near the airport, and we know that the restaurant is still there, in case you want to go there.

I know the rule:
She said her name was Lynne.
She said her name is Lynne.
You can use the present tense in reported speech if you want to say that something is still true i.e. my name has always been and will always be Lynne so:-

But I’m not sure if it can be applied in this case:

Some two years ago an old friend of mine, who is an engineer, came to visit me.

Can I use “is” in this case? These are my doubts: a name is supposed not to be changed. Can I suggest by using “is” that altough two years have passed I know for sure that my friend is still an engineer?

You can use “is”. It indicates that the person is still your friend, you still know him, and that you know he is still an engineer.

Thanks, Jamie.

Thanks for your time and help.
Thanks very much Jamie