Regarding TOEFL essays

Hi every one,

I have my TOEFl on 22 September.I am very tensed.I havent written essays from yeras.So whenever begin to write essay i go blank. Could anyone help me with what sort of topics are usually given and also i had a doubt whether the TOPICS listed in ETS are the only possible ones…Plssssssssssssss help.
I am preparing only from the prev week.
Appreciate your help


TOEFL listening lectures: Which fact is true of Edward O. Wilson?

If you have the list of topics from ETS, then the essay assigned you will be one of those or one very similar. The specific topics should not distract you from learning the basic approach to essay writing; be confident in the fact that if you write on one topic well, you will be able to do so on any of the topics.

I m also preparing for my TOEFl. Would u please help me by mailing the listed essay topics of ETS or the way to get it.

Thanking u in anticipation.


HI, … topics.htm

Sample essays i got it from this link.
Hope this would be helpful.


Hope for the excellent result of the exam. Would u please share ur experience of the exam & ur cell no or email id to contact u,

Wishing u

today I took toefl cbt and the essay question was approximately

some people believe that parents have the most influence on young adults, and some people believe that friends have the most influence on young adults. what do you think? …

finished my toefl…got a topic of wht do u think are the qualities good neighbour should possess?

you are lucky. I think , this topic is the same as the ets essay book :slight_smile: