refrain/ keep away!

Which sentence is the most appropriate to write?

  1. That’s why I keep myself away from making others fool.
  2. That’s why I refrain myself from making others fool.

Thanks in advance!



“making others fool” isn’t right. You may mean something like “making a fool of others” or “making others look foolish”.

“refrain myself from” is wrong. You can say “That’s why I refrain from…”

Generally speaking, “keep (myself) away from” is less often used with the -ing form of verbs, while “refrain from” is frequently used in that way (e.g. “I refrained from making any comment”). So, if the sentence ends in anything starting “making…” then “refrain from” is probably the correct choice.

Thanks Dozy :slight_smile:

Actually I wanted to say that that’s why I refrain from misguiding others ( I don’t want to misguide others).

“That’s why I refrain from misguiding others” is OK.

Thanks Dozy :slight_smile: