reform administrative produce in people’s committee in Quang Xuong District.

Official thesis title: “To reform administrative produce in people’s committee in Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa Province”.
Summary of the findings of the thesis
Administrative produce is an important rule in operation and orgnization of the state of apparatus.
Reform administrative produce helps to guarantee of reforming the administration of nation, bring into effect the effeciency of the state management.The state serves the people and presumes them to be customers, or gods.The commune (include commune, town) is the lowest and is also called local government.Local authorities is the basis of the administrative system.
To be aware of the roles and positions of administrative produce to the commune, town, so Executive Committee of party hierarchy, people’s council, people’s committee of Thanh Hoa Province always lead to direct attention to this work. However, in reality reforming administrative produce is still many limitations and weaknesses.Until now, there are no scientific researches on this field.
To start from the renewal requirements, state management, and administrative reform at grassroots level. Therefore, studying of the theme “To reform administrative produce in people’s committee in Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa Province”.
Based on studying some commom issues about administrative reforms in general and administrative reform produce in particular.
The thesis concentrates on studying, analysing the roles, position, situation and proposing some solution to carry out reforming administrative produces in Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa Province in this period on these sides: to simplify administrative producesin different areas of state management; to simplify application forms, administrative declaration in administrative records; to build transparency mechanism approaches, to deal with personal and organizational petition about the policy with inappropriate administrative produces.
Based on studying and analysing there are six groups of solution which need to be done in the next time. They have closed relationship and only bring effect on reforming administrative produces in commune, town in Quang Xuong District Thanh Hoa Province now when they are simultaniously performed.
This thesis can be applied on the process of implementing administrative reform.

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