Redoubled: two or four times increased, in total?


redouble is a tricky verb…

Even trickier (? :)) it seems (to me) when used as an adjective.

Does redoubled [size=150] always[/size] mean increased twice as much? or [size=84]sometimes[/size] can mean four times, in total (‘to double a double…’)

Or it is just used figurately?

Hi Tamara :lol:

Do you know I’ve never even thought of that word that way at all? (I mean, with the sense of “twice” or “four times”)

But, now that you mention it, ‘redoubleis a funny word, isn’t it? :lol: :lol:

Redouble’ simply means ‘increase’. Nobody knows how much of an increase a ‘redoubling’ is exactly. But, I guess they usually hope it’s enough to do the trick. :slight_smile:


Could I request for a sentence or two using redouble?


PS Is the red sentence grammatically correct?

Hi Tom

Here are some sentences from the BNC:

Instead of rethinking their programme, they redoubled their efforts to implement it.

Behind him he heard Druellae shout, and he redoubled his speed.

But the 90-strong band of pensioners are determined not to be down hearted and they have redoubled their fund raising efforts.

The word “redoubled” is very often collocated with the word “efforts”.



As I know now, it comes from bridge. To double the doubling bid of an opponent.

But more often is used in the meanings:
‘to increase significantly’,
‘to double’
or even ‘to repeat’…
…and ‘to re-echo’…

Hi Tom

Your red sentence needs to have the word for deleted OR possibly the words make a added:

Could I request a sentence or two using redouble?
Could I make a request for a sentence or two using redouble?