'recovery' in this context

I know that the word ‘recovery’ means the act or process of recovering, esp from sickness, a shock, or a setback; recuperation.
But what does it mean in this context?

For example, on what should have been a twelve-hour, cross-country drive to the airport in Mongolia, our jeep got stuck in a bog. Forced to camp overnight, we awoke to find a small party of local nomads on horseback, complete strangers, organising our recovery. We were eventually delayed by twenty-four hours, but it was the most memorable day of the trip.

Thanks in advance!

That is all true, but many words have more than one meaning, recovery is one of them.

In your sample you need this definition:
Actions taken to extricate damaged or disabled equipment for return to friendly control or repair at another location. See also evader; evasion; evasion and recovery; recovery; recovery force

Definition courtesy of thefreedictionary.com/recovery