Recognize this beverage?


I bought this bottle at the international market without any idea what it was. It says it was made in Ukraine. I figure Torsten might recognize it. Does anyone else? I’m not sure I like it enough to ever make it through the whole bottle. :slight_smile:


Kvas is an excellent beverage western nations should be taught to use on a daily basis :grin:


You know, kvas is not an alchoholic drink, but made of bread


I know. I have consumed many liters of kvas and I love the drink. How about you?


Well, in Russia we usually drink it in summer. It’s perfect to quench the thirst. You know it’s about 50 cents per liter for us. How much does it cost for you?


In Germany it costs around 2 euros a liter because it’s not a very popular drink so it’s pretty expensive to produce and market.


Russians cook a soup with kvas as well👨‍🍳

I don’t like it😬


How come you are Russian and don’t like Okroshka ;-)?


We will consume only fresh fruit juice. We will not drink any beverage.