Reclusive versus seclusive

I’ve seen people writing the following adjective of reclusive and seclusive :
1- Seclusive smile , seclusive place , seclusive life, seclusive vacations, seclusive lifestyle etc.

2- Reclusive smile, reclusive place, reclusive life , reclusive vacations, reclusive lifestyle atc.

Then i checked online dictionaries on the word about seclusive and they said ," seeking or prefering seclusion or isolation".And the word about reclusive, and they said, " fond of , or seeking seclusion".

I don’t really get them precisely. Could someone please tell me the difference between these two adjectives? Thank you for a great place to learn English.

They are not easy to separate, but ‘reclusive’ is more pejorative. Kim Jung Il is reclusive, not seclusive.

HI Micawber, thanks for your elegent reply. OK, let me see if get it right. a) Kim Jung is reclusive ; it implies that he’s an “evil/bad” person who’s always in hiding and dislikes appearing in public? , then, if say, mr Sushi is seclusive ;meaning he’s always trying to avoid people and probably stays in his home all day whenever possible because he’s just an anti-sosial type of person but a man of faith?

There is no implication that a recluse is evil/bad.