Reasons for attending college

There are many reasons for attending a college. The three most significant are career growth, making new friends and having fun at university. The career which we choose will enhance our skills. Our friend circle will grow by making new friends. Joining clubs and events will multiply our fun.

One reason I chose to attend university is to attain a master’s degree. Earning a degree will improve my reading, writing and managing skills. The technical skills developed through the subjects market me further. Professors in the university will guide us in a better way for later challenges in work. In addition, my company provides ten percent more salary for masters degree graduates. As I have done my bachelors one of the best ways to increase my salary and get a promotion is having master’s degree.

Friends help us in many ways and university is best place to have new friends. In the group discussions and activities of classes we will have an opportunity to make new friends. In fact we can make friends from other countries and cultures. I had a friend from Ireland; she was very good at cooking. She taught me how to cook Irish dishes. Now I feel ahead of everyone as I cook many different types of dishes.

All the more universities are always amusing. The clubs, parties, cultural events and discos are of great fun. The sports are also one of the best healthy entertainments. We can play new games and participate in matches.

Hence, in my opinion the college courses provide good learning, new friends and enjoyment. Although pursuing a course is the main reason for attending a college but I feel that colleges offer much more than students can take it.

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