really need help......

hi there! how do you teach a seven year old child so she can speak and write in english fluently? this seven year old child is my daughter and she’ll be transferring to an international curriculum school next year on july. her english level is beginner whereas she’ll be entering 3rd grade in that new school…i’m so frustrated in teaching her how to write and speak in english, so is there anyone can help me how to teach her correctly? i mean the right steps that i must take so she can learn english very well. where do i begin? is it from phonics? or i just go straight to grammar? how to make her capable to arrange a simple sentence? helpppppppp T_T

Begin with simple speech patterns… how to greet someone, introduce herself, etc.
Learn simple patterns which help her talk about her family, the weather etc. Include the patterns that she will need in school:
Please can I go to the bathroom/toilet?
Can I have…? etc.
Introduce her to simple English texts and nursery rhymes by reading to her and getting her to ‘read’ back to you.

Take a look at this thread for more information:

hi! thanks a lot for ur help! will try to do them…wish me luck, ok?