Reading time (rules in English Grammar)

Please read carefully:

6.30 :
a.Thirty minutes past six.
b.Thirty minutes to seven.
c. Half of seven.
d. Half to seven.
e. Six half.
f. Six and a half.
g. Six and half.

9.45 :
h. Fifteen minutes to ten.
i. Fifteen minutes of ten.
j. Forty-five minutes past nine.
k. Forty-five minutes after nine.

2.15 :
l. Two a quarter.
m. Fifteen minutes past two.
n. Fifteen minutes after two.
o. Two and a quarter.
p. Two and one quarter.
q. Two and quarter.

3.05 :
r. Three five.
s. Five past three.
t. Five after three.

Please only list all that is incorrect. (That means the remainder is correct).
Ex: Incorrect:m,n,p…



I’ll ask the same question about this one. have you chosen the topic or has someone else?


Hi Alan,

It’s I who have chosen the question.

Besides the normal ways of reading time, when reading what I have posted in the forum, here is my answer:

Completely acceptable: s and t

All others are unacceptable and incorrect.

How about your opinions?


Hi Khahn

Here’s my feedback:

CORRECT: a, b, h, i, m, n, s, t
UNUSUAL: j, k,
INCORRECT: c, d, e, f, g, l, o, p, q, r