reading test again help me please

A strong wind had srated up, whistling and moaning through the sick leaves, and frightening Sue and Anne. CRASH! They heard a loud smashing noise as a tree came down in a large gust. They took refuge under the gateway of a building and were not sure what to do. Sue doubted whether they would have the strength to cycle all the way home . But they could not just go on waiting there much longer. " We had better go then . Or perhaps we will be able to get a lift on a truck." Sue went out , her short hair blowing in the wind. It was impossible to speak , so Sue jast beckoned to Anne to start out . As they pushed their bicycles unsteadly onto the road,Sue suddenly shouted, “Hey! The wind is with us!” Anne got onto her bicycle. There woas no need to pedal-all she had to do was to hold onto the handlebars. She felt an almost unreal sense of exhilaration , as if she were floating through the air. “The wind is with us!” Sue shouted again, her voice filled with surprise and elation. “Even we have the wind us sometimes, eh?”

  1. We understand that . . .
    A. Sue and Anne were not far from home
    B. A building was damaged when the tree was blown down
    C. On this particular occasion, Sue and Anne were lucky
    D. The falling tree bairly missed landing on Anne and Sue
  2. At first, the wind . . .
    A. Blew down the tree Sue and Anne were sheltering under
    B. Made it impossible for Anne and Sue to hear each other
    C. Prevented Sue and Anne from continuing their journey
    D. Appeared to be with Sue and Anne
  3. From Sue’s first statment -“the wind is with us”-it is clear that . . .
    A. Sue was much braver than Anne
    B. The wind was blowing in the direction they were traveling
    C. The wind was not as strong as they’d originally thought
    D. She was trying to stop Anne from becoming too frightened
    My answers are C, B, AND B
    Could someone check my keys for me please?
    If so I would be very dilighted!
    Thanks iv advance

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Were you typing this on a mobile phone or similar? There are typos and punctyuation spacing errors throughout and a word is missing from the last sentence.

  1. Only C fits, but there is no indication that Sue and Ann were lucky until the last sentence, when they discovered the wind was pushing them in the right direction.
  2. I would say the answer was C. At FIRST it stopped them continuing. It did not make it impossible for them to hear each other, though when they went out in it, it made speaking difficult.
  3. B is correct.

thank you very much
Yes I was typing on a mobile phone