Reaching the new test directly

Hello, Sir Torsten. Please, could I ask the following questions:-

1-As it was in the old forum, why (in the new forum) can not I reach the daily new next test directly instead of browsing all the previous tests?

2- The scores seem to be cummulative increase by increasing the answered tests. If I answer an older test, will this increase the score (false increase)?

sometimes I want to test my self by answering an older test but I do not want the score of the older test to be added to my score because this will be a false increase and I want to challenge myself.

Thanks a lot


Hi Mona,

As we know there are more than 22k interactive test questions on our site covering a wide range of topics and levels. You can see the test categories here.

Since we want to promote the idea of democracy and freedom every single user can decide which test or test question they want to answer when and how often. You can share your overall progress or single successes with us here on the forum. You can also invite your family and friends to join on in so we can all learn together. How does this sound?


Of course it sounds very excellent and convincing reply. I think test categories will solve my problem.
Many thanks, Sir Torsten.