rather than, except for, in addtion to, inspite of?

Teaching has never benn a profession that atrracts people interested in high sallaries. It is by history a professtion that has provide rewards__1__ money—the satisfaction ofsharing knowledge, of influencing others, of guiding young people…

Bit by bit government officials and others realised that the status of the teacher had suffered. They talked about change.But change in a _2 society like the United States is not easy.People"s attittudes have formed over many years, and sometimes change takes many years.

  1. A. rather than B. except for C. in spite of D. in addition to
  2. A. rich B. advanced C. developed D. vast

I’m confused? help please!

Would you give me some help?

in #1 I’d choose other than (I think money is a reward too)
in #2 - C

That’s my take.