Randolf Quirk, Michael Swan and R.A.Close


Has anyone read the three of them? :smiley:

Randolf Quirk, Michael Swan and R.A.Close

Whom do you like the best?

Why is Quirk the most difficult to understand?

Do you swear by them?


Hi Tom,

Yes, I have consulted all three on different occasions but I would never swear by any of them. This is not to indicate any disrespect but simply to point out that the value of any commentator resides in the clarity with which they explain what happens in language. They are none of them after all creators but simply commentators and their job is to show how and why this word/construction works as it does. If you find that someone is difficult to understand then probably they are not doing their job properly. I must admit that I once sat through a lecture given by Professor Quirk and left the room totally mystified!


What about you, Amy?

Have you also consulted all of them? Please share your opinions about the same?