Quote: If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not...


Could you please shed some light on the given quote?

“If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us.” (F.Bacon)


[color=blue]In fact, I really do not know if you people would agree with me or not, but many a time what happens, when you look at some quote or proverb, you think it is easy to understand. But when it comes to explaining it to a friend or a student, you are really lost for words. It is only then when you can weigh the quote in its right scales.

Anyway, I will have a whack at it! A simple one!

“If we forget justice we will be destroyed.”

[size=200]P.S.[/size] If there is any grammatical error in the blue lines ranging from commas to the use of words, I would be extremely happy to know it and learn. Thanks

Hi Tom

Your interpretation sounds reasonable to me. :smiley: