Quote: Can I quote you on that?

Dear teachers,

Please read:

Can I quote you on that? (1)

What does (1) mean? What “that” here refer to?


Hi Quoc

“That” refers to what someone has just said.


Dear teacher,

Can I say:

Can I quote you on it?

If yes, “Can I quote you on it?” and “Can I quote you on that” have the same meaning?If not, why?


Hi Quoc,

Surely you knew that, didn’t you?


My teacher said the same because that = it.

How about your idea?

I can’t distinguih the diference btw “that” and “it”. Is there a case they have the same meaning and interchangeable? Please give me an example.

PS: The break time is over. See you later.


Most of your questions are very short sentences or even phrases and they are as a result difficult to comment on because they are not part of a context. It would be much better if you could ask your question within a longer piece of prose or narrative and that way you would then get better information.


Hi Quoc

Now you’ve really got me curious.

According to my calculations, you wrote the above sentence at 12 minutes past midnight Vietnam time. A break suggests to me that you might be at work. (I can’t imagine a midnight English class) Or are you somewhere other than in Vietnam?

May I ask what you were taking a break from?


Dear teacher,

I’m in VNam.

My schedule is:

6h -9h:Translation E-V
9h15- 11h45: Grammar
Evening: 12h30 - 15h : Translation V-E

It’s midday not midnight as you say.