Quit vs Leave

Please tell me the difference btw “quit” and “leave” in:

a. I’ll quit.
b. I’ll leave.

Are they the same meaning but “quit” is less polite?


I’d say “quit” is a rather colloquial term for “resign” and it can sound angrier than “leave”.

Without any context, both sentences could mean “I’ll resign from my job.”

But both sentences could have different meanings depending on the context. For example:

Wife: If you don’t stop smoking, I’ll leave (you)!
Husband: OK! I’ll quit.

I’ll leave = I’ll divorce you
I’ll quit = I’ll stop/give up smoking

Hi Amy,

For a place, does “quit” and “leave” have the same meaning?

Ex:I’ll leave this room vs I’ll quit this room.
The bus leaves/quits for HCMcity at 5 pm.



Leave and quit are usually quite different in their use and meaning. Leave has the general idea of go away from as in: The plane leaves at 8, I leave home at 6, leave work, but quit has the added sense of something final so whereas leave work is simply stop work for the day and go home, quit work suggests retiring no longer working.