Need answers:

  1. The surgery is performed by making several small incisions - Can I form sentences in this way where no subject is mentioned?

  2. If required, we need to take action - Tell me the use of “If required”. Should not it be “If it is required”?

  3. Is it necessary to use "comparative degree " with the word “compare”? For example: 1. The price at this shop is “comparatively lower”. 2. By opting for this procedure, patients will have “lesser pain compared to”…

  1. The (grammatical) subject is “the surgery”.

  2. “If required, …” is OK.

  3. You should say:

“The price at this shop is lower.”
“The price at this shop is comparatively low.”
“Patients will have less pain compared to…”


But the 2nd answer isn’t clear: “If required”…there is no subject or verb here…Is it possible to form sentences like this?

“If required, …” is understood to mean “If it is required, …”.