Questions about new TOEIC...

Hi everybody!

I’m going to pass my TOEIC exam in two weeks. I have been going to an academy to prepar the test but I’ve always worked with old ones. I’ve seen in ETS web site that there isn’t many differences between the new one and the old one, but: Is there anyone who can explain me the differences?

Thank you very much!

Oh! My name is Mario and I am from Spain.

There are actually a few differences.

First there is the new double passage section. Similar to the old text part but now you need also to read two documents and give answers.

Then we have the new conversation section. Here you listen to a conversation and answer three questions. It is similar to the old talk section but a little more difficult.

The only part to be removed from the old test is the error recognition section, but you should still practice this part if you have old books because the training is very useful.

Finally there is the additional new speaking and writing modules. They can be taken separately and are not part of the main reading and listening test.

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