Question to the book 'The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test IBT edition'


I am aware of the fact that I may sound stupid, you may call me so, it doesn’t matter as long as you answer my question.

As I have just decided to prepare for the toefl test, I bought myself this huge blue-green book, called “The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test IBT edition”. In this book you are given texts (reading passages) essay topics etc. I was wondering if it’s possible that some of these reading passages I find in the book, speaking subjects or listening tasks to be encountered when taking this test.

Or is it that the exam exercises will be completely new and different? Are the book exercises just to get you familiar with the test structure?

Please help me.

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Hi Super Cristal,
There is a very rare chance that you get the same reading/writing/speaking/listening exercise in actual TOEFL as given in your practice book.These books are based on similar pattern.So,if you practice well…you will be confident enough to face any question based on that pattern.
Good Luck,

ok…this will be tough then…I’ll just make a lot of essays, all of them…
thanks tabby

Hi Super Cristal,
I personally dont think that you have to write on all the practice essay topics available.Of course,practice as much as you can.Recognizing the essay prompt and learning how to frame a good essay would definitely help you.


this may come a bit late, but instead of writing full essays for EVERY topic you can find, prepare ideas and vocab for as many as you can. TOEFL essays (and speaking tasks) come in certain topic groups
individual vs. group
what if … (imagine)
characteristics that make a good …
your country / home town
technology and its effects
parents and children
learning, studying
If you have prepared ideas for one in the group (e.g. your favorite musicican) then you are better prepared if something similar (describe your favorite type of music") comes up.
Make what we call “bubble charts” with the topic in a bubble and your ideas and supporting example keywords around them. (For some people/others topics make 2 bubbles and find ideas and examples for each.)

Prepare words in groups: noun - person who does, noun- concept, noun - place, noun - activity…, verb, adjectives, adverbs and synonyms. musician, music, concert hall/venue/arena/ opera house, playing/ performing, play/listen…to/ enjoy, musical/relaxing/enjoyable, musically/slow/fast/loud/classical/
A good Thesaurus is a useful investment for test-takers. If you can’t, don’t want to, haven’t, won’t >> try or see if your MS word came with an English Thesaurus or if you can download it free with your license (those 2 choices are o.k. but not great)
Make sure you know how the words are used in a sentence and what prepositions they go with. (google 'em at native language sites)

Try to prepare at least one essay for each type:

  1. Best and favorite (ADJECTIVES)
  2. What if (CONDITIONALS!!!)
  3. Agree/disagree, Some people/others (pros and cons)
  4. Then and now Compare XYZ now to XYZ in ten years / 10 years ago (TENSES)
  5. “Tell me about it” e.g. “What advice would you give to someone learning a new language?” (STRUCTURE)

Although you need most skills in all types, I think the ones in brackets are more important in the respective type.

Lots of luck,

thanks a lot for your replies but, because I’m annoyingly stubborn, I still think I should write all the essays, or at least know exactly what I’m going to say for each.
It may be unnecessary indeed, but it’s the only way I’ll feel good with myself.javascript:emoticon(’:wink:’)
hopefully, I’ll have enough time to do that by the 12th of september
have a great day

I have bought the book and I want to know where I can find the Audio Script and the Answer Key. In the preface they say you can find in their web, but you have to pay for it ( I thought it was for free); I’m also looking for the CD’s for practise the Listening and Speaking section, is there any web in Internet where I can find them? Or have I to buy them?
Thanks a lot.