question tag/except lend?

1.Please help me with this kind of question tags, I mean: what does it mean if the sentence with question tag is ended with positive end and doesn’t change from has to hasn’t :
Hi hardly has any money, has he?
2.Please tell me if this sentence is correct:
He would do anything except lend you his car.-from the book.
I thought it should be:
He would do anything except lending you his car.
And not:
,except to lend’’??
Thank you very much for the whole help.

  1. This is what I’ve found for question tags:

a short phrase such as ‘isn’t it’ or ‘don’t you’ that is added to the end of a sentence to check information or to ask if someone agrees with youIn the sentence, ‘It’s hot, isn’t it?’, ‘isn’t it’ is a question tag.

From … estion-tag

  1. As for the EXCEPT, it means that

''he would do anything BUT NEVER LEND YOU his car.

When you say EXCEPT + VERB, you use that verb in the infinitive without ‘to’.

I would do anything to get money except sell my car.

Hi Saneta,

The usual pattern for question tags is that the first part is positive and the second part negative and also the other way round. The main point of these question tags is to try and get the listener to respond to what you have said as in:

He doesn’t know, does he? or He knows, doesn’t he?

This is the same pattern with your sentence: He hardly has any money, has he? The negative element in the first part is expressed with the adverb ‘hardly’, which in your sentence really means ‘he doesn’t really have any money.’

You would use ‘lend’ in the infinitive in (2) because this balances the other verb ‘do’ in the first part, which is dependent on ‘would’.


Thank you both of you.
Mr Alan I think you meant: He knows,doesn’t he?
From my book:
1.We’d better not stay up too late tonight, hadn’t we - My first reply was : had we, because of the word: not, but now I think I should take into consideration only: we’d better to give the question tag: hadn’t we,right?
2. I don’t suppose I could have another glass of wine, could I ? why not: couldn’t I?
3 .Everybody is happy,aren’t they? why not:Everybody are happy?
4.I suppose it’s time we called it a day, isn’t it?why not: didn’t we?

Many , many thanks!!!

hi Saneta,

Thanks for pointing out my odd punctuation.

In (1) you need ‘had we?’ to balance ‘We’d better not’.
In (2) There is a negative sense in ‘I don’t suppose I could’ which is another way of saying ‘I couldn’t, I suppose’ and so you need ‘could I?’ to balance that.
In (3) ‘Everybody’ takes a singular verb. ‘They’ acts as an impersonal pronoun.
In (4) ‘Isn’t it?’ balances ‘it’s time’.


1.Mary didn’t take her mother’s advice, and now she is fatally ill. = Had Mary taken her mother’s advice,she wouldn’t be fatally ill now.-according to my book.
please tell me why not: Did Mary take her mother’s advice…etc.

2.If I met Ronald Regan one day, I’d tell him he’d done a good job.= Were to meet Ronald Regan one day, I’d tell him he’d done a good job’’ - according to my book.
please tell me why not: Were to meet Ronald Regan one day, I’d tell him he did a good job’’

Thanks a lot!!!

‘Taken’ does not match ‘did’. It takes 'has/had, etc.

Mary had taken / Mary took /Mary has taken
Mary hadn’t taken / Mary hasn’t taken

‘Did’ can be used with take:
In positive mode, for emphasis: Mary did take those things, no matter what she says.
In negative mode, as standard: Mary didn’t take those things.

Question 2) ‘Did’ is grammatically possible. ‘had done’ emphasises the completion of the task.

Dear Mr Alan, I have to return to this sentence, according to my book is:
1.We’d better not stay up too late tonight, hadn’t we
But your answer was : had we? Who is right? Maybe there is a mistake in my book?

Dear Beeesneees, I don’t still quite understand why:
Mary didn’t take her mother’s advice=Had Mary taken her mother’s advice (Past Simple= Past Perfect?!)
Could you please add sth or tell me more on this subject?

It’s like saying:

If Mary HAD TAKEN her mother’s advice, something would have happened in a different way. (which means she didn’t.)

Hi Saneta,

The first part is ‘We had better not’. The question tag has to be 'Had we?

Thanks to all of you!!! :slight_smile: