Question mark required: 'Would you please open the door?'


Could you please tell me if I should put a question mark at the end?

1- Would you please open the door[color=red]?
2-Would you please stop that nonsense[color=red]?


Yes, Tom. A question mark() is needed.

A lot of thanks, Pamela. :smiley:

Would any of our moderators like to shed some light on it?


I wonder what makes you doubt, Tom? These are direct questions and require a question mark, as Pamela said.

:smiley: :smiley:

A lot of thanks, Conchita! In fact, I just read a novel in which there was no question mark after a ‘sort of’ request starting with ‘would’. :shock: Maybe a misprint.


I agree that they are direct questions and normally require a question mark. I can also imagine the phraseology being used in a more rhetorical sense by an angry mother: Would you please stop that nonsense!

This seems to be an ideal job for the INTERROBANG.

Declarative statements do not require question marks.

For instance:

I wonder when the Bears will win again.


When will the Bears win again?