Question in the time

Suppose the time is 10:15 p.m and 4:40 a.m

The correct reading are ( 15 past 10 ) and ( 20 minutes to 5 )

but I have an inquiry :

Is it correct to say ( 45 minutes to 11 ) and ( 40 past 4 ) ?

Thank you


I have never thought of this, but both of those phrases sound very unnatural to this American English speaker, although of course people will understand what you are saying. I can think of at least one occasion where we would use 45 minutes to 11. Say your team was working on project that was due at 11, I could imagine saying. “Let’s work faster, it’s 45 minutes to 11.”

Yeah , I think you’re right
OK , so I have to divide the hour to first 30 minutes and second 30 minutes.

Thank you Luschen