Question about TOEFL essay structure


I have a question about the structure of the essays for TOEFL.

I was going through the essay topics and some essays just ask for a personal opinion, others want a comparison of the issue with its advantages & disadvantages. I am facing difficulty in distinguishing the contrast essay topics. Is it ok to present a point of view on both sides, yet agree with ons side?


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Hi, juhi!

Yes, as you have already noticed, there are several types of TOEFL essays.

1st type ONE-SIDE ESSAY You write if you agree/disagree with the topic. Then, you write your arguments (divided into paragraphs) :slight_smile:

You write about the advantages + disadvantages of sth. You’d better express your personal opinion in the beginning/in the end as you like it. :slight_smile: Don’t forget to draw a moral in favour of your point of view

I used to run into this problem before. Hope I can help you out.

Well, you can give support just to one side or both sides, that’s ok. It depends on what you feel 'cause sometimes we cannot have the total agreement with only one issue. However, that you cannot focus on one side might cause you troubles in conveying your opinions, and it’s rather sophisticated. So, the safest way is to encourage yourself to have one stable opinion.

About the bouble-side essay, as Butterfly said, you should list the advatanges $ disadvantages of one-after-one situation. For instance, in the 2nd paraphraph, you will discuss the ad $ dis of the 1st situation. In the 3rd paraphraph, you will do the same work as you did before. To sum up, you will give your preference after estimating them.