Question about site design and location of some grammar units

Dear Mr Torsten,

I’m newbie here and have 3 questions…

  1. Where can i find grammar section for each test unit?
    For example, I did “finish and end” test, but i could not find arcticle about that… I thought that you should read article and then test… The organization of grammar units and tests is not very clear for me…

  2. I’ve read that people can get some certificate from your course. Can you please give me a link to read about it (What do I need to to to recive it, and what does certificate certify ) ?

  3. Is it possible to recive lessons more often by e-mail?

I like your course very much!

Thank you in advance for answers!


Hi Galina,

Welcome to our site and many thanks for your question. When you take our tests you often will learn new phrases just by selecting the correct answer options. What counts are the results of your learning process and you should try different approaches. So, instead of looking for rules or study sections, simply complete the tests and ask questions if you need more information on a specific topic.

In addition, you should read How to learn English grammar and browse our grammar section as well as our stories where you will find explanations on ‘difficult pairs’. Here is an example: Loose vs. lose.

As for the certificate, we are currently working on the requirements and you soon will be able to read all about it.

If you like, you can read all the current email lessons on our site here: Free e-mail English course.

Best regards,

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Hi Torston…

Every day we are getting to know more about this web project. Thank you for your explanations and guidance.

By the way do you have a ’ FAQ ’ section …?

It is right here:

Dear Torsten
I find New topic over every forum confusing specially for beginers, because at the beginning new lerners don’t know what does it mean. Many new students open a new topic involuntary.
I have started two new topics without wanting to do it.
The matter is that I wanted to review English for beginners and I was lost in such a lot of topics opened that are simply answers to the lessons.
It seems to me that new topic should be in another place.
For example you might ask: Do you want to start a new topic?, or something else.