Question about competent person

I said someone who was a competent person. What should I describe him/her instead of competent, well-rounded or all-rounded?

Thanks in advance.

“Competent” is not a synonym for “well-rounded.” “Competent” means “effective” or “skilled enough to meet the demands of a position, situation, etc.” The indefinite article should be “a” because it starts with a consonant sound. If you say “an competent,” people will probably hear “incompetent,” an insult.

Synonyms for “well-rounded” include multifaceted, multifarious, versatile, flexible and adaptable. The first is best. Although it and the second are essentially the same, it is far more common. These two both suggest the person is already acting on an abundance of talent, interests, etc. The last three often stress capability to do so.

Thanks for your message Mordant.

I typed an because previous I used the word holistic rather than competent. But later I thought it was not suitable and was not aware of that mistake.
Thanks for pointing out.