Putting your foot in it


Putting your foot in it suggests that you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, which can be embarrassing. Have you ever done that? I’ll start off with an incident that I remember well. I had just left school and got a temporary job working in Germany. A German family befriended me as they had a son about the same age as me. They invited me to their house and went off into the kitchen to prepare a drink for me. I took a sip of the drink and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Ah, I’ve always wanted to taste a cup of genuine German coffee.

The father of the family: Oh, Alan we made this specially for you and actually it is tea!

Let’s hear of any embarrassing moments you may have had.


The problem with such moments is that the more you try to handle them, the more they go out of your control, and the dumber you look!

A few days ago, a female colleague of mine visited me. Around 5: 30 in the evening the door bell rang. She told me it was probably her driver. As I opened the door, her fat, short, funny-looking driver greeted me. I returned to the room almost laughing and said:

Me: Where in the world you found this Hercule Poirot? He looks so funny.
She: [indifferently and unamused] Not really; he’s OK.

As we went out, she looked at me nervously and said:

“Hey, Tom, meet my husband.”

Hows about…

Me - Mmmm! what make of Tea is this may I ask?

Host - Well actually thats not tea… I was just washing out the cups…