Putin, My Hero Part II!

He’s not my God but my hero.

'Cos He does things I can’t do. He’s always smarter than the combined addled pates.

Long live Putin!

Have fun.

Russia is so lucky to have a true leader like Putin.

Russia signs 30-year gas deal with China

( You can see the pose of Putin in the background , typical Libra style. Me know, me Libra. We do this when we win. Libras are cruel smilers. Be very careful with them. )[/i]

Diplomacy is not a mere project.

Come learn diplomacy in my Jungle?

Now you can see the Amazing Dragon Dance.

So I love Me Dragon Papa and his fluffy fluffy daughters. Smart enough?

Might is always Right.
Human Beings?

Chauvinism is no patriotism.

Angela Merkel’s China visit in focus

Come learn diplomacy in my Jungle?

Always see things Macro.

IQ is always less important than EI. I naturally keep my IQ low. 'Cos it is dangerous. Yes, my IQ is only 40. I am IQ 40.

Me learned all these things from my beloved Mother. Not from anybody else.

Definitely not from the Foreign Office. 'Cos their IQ is so high, not for me. lol.

Always be result oriented.

Done talk this and that. Do it.

Have fun.

The Winter is on the way?

Time to change?

You know what will be the Dragon when he consumes all The Gas?

Ultra - Super Dragon???

Wot I didn’t catch you.

Then wot???

Ask the Crusaders.

For my beloved U in the E, the losers.

Swinging low sweet chariot

Coming forth to carry me home
Swing low sweet, sweet, sweet chariot, chariot
Coming forth to carry me home, yeah

Swing down chariots, won’t you let me ride? Oh
Swing, stop and let me ride
Oh ride me, rock me, Lord
Ooh yeah, I got a home on the other side

Oh, six white horses standin’ side by side
Oh, sing, sing
Rock me, rock me
I got a home, hey

Swing low, swing low, swing low and let me ride
Why, oh why, oh why don’t you let me ride?
Ride, ride, ride, ride
Let me ride, let me ride, let me ride

Swing down chariots, won’t you let me ride?
Oh, swing, stop and let me ride
Rock me, rock me, Lord

I got a home
You got a home
We got a home
I got a home

I got a home
You got a home
We goin’ home
Goin’ home

Let’s love, sweet love
Sweet chariot
Take me home
Take me home

I’m going home

Suit you well, eh?

Your fatal weakness is you are too obvious and too predictable. Even Me, the low IQ can tell 'what are your next moves. You know why?

My bread.

‘If you want to destroy a castle, be inside it from the beginning - don’t bother to siege it’. Me way. ( Steelnlace )

Sorry for my Junglish, me know no good English.

Adios, I win.

Dear Kyaw.

I’m nearly every day peering to our forum.

I noticed your remark: “For my beloved U in the E, the losers.”

I hope, you had our team in mind.

We are not loosers, only very busy and sometimes not very healthy.

I send you my photo which I took today.

Nobody thinks about the Putin’s crazy ideas. What will be-will be.

Hold up, our traditiional writing- on the Forum.

We also will be writing here-soon.





Dear Angelija,

You don’t know I have to leave really soon. 'Cos everyone is copying my ways of thinking here in my Jungle. And writing as their own. ( Plagiarism )

I don’t mind they copy my brains, but worry their IQs would be getting very low. And all Junglese become IQ 40. Hm…

Luvluv dvbdvb.

Dear Kyaw!

You should be happy that “everyone” wants to copy your style of writing.
Probably they think-that it is worth copying.
What strange do you see in it?
You are a leader of our team.
I thought about, why people so rarely have been writing on the Forum-recently. Easy acces to free chatting by internet or phone -it is a reason. It is also for free.

It is a pity.

World is changing so quickly.

Only the bad ideas are never changing- for something better.

You have properly read my photo. It is Alicja-the Angel!!


Your Photo? your IQ is very high. Me sink.

Have fun.

You know my problem is , even some PHDs, well known politicians and show talkers are copying and saying my rubbish here in the jungle for next year’s election.

Oh my, what have I done?

If they use my brains in their election campaigns, there’d be the very very big problems?

Have fun.

Yes, MY photo!

What did you think?

You thought that it is your beloved Yingluck. Noo,no. It is only

your beloved Alicja the Angel . Oh! I’m so proud to have so

famous friend, that PHD people try to copy him.


Don’t worry my dear. The next election is fully safe.

Stay calm and have fun!