Purpose Of Life

This image inspired me to ask this question: [color=green]Purpose Of Life

I really look forward to hearing your points of view.


The theme is endless to discuss. I suppose there are few people who are ready to answer this question quickly. Maybe, “going upstairs” for some individuals. “Getting everything from life” for others. As for me…To find “the golden middle” for harmony inside me and outside. What about you?

Hi dear Julia,
When I created this topic, I was thinking about the future. You know, It sometimes seems too dim to me. It even makes me scare! To be honest, I don’t care about difficulties, but I don’t know why, I have no reason to live. They said that you need someone to love!!!
It may sound pleasure that I have a strong intuition of doing things. But, when I am thinking about myself, my emotions sometimes overtake me.


Who are “they” :slight_smile:

I don’t know who “they” are but I do know -

“They say life is what you make it”

To make what God wants you to do.

And… what God want us to do?

I agree:


I feel that God is like any other parent. He has no need of your adoration, only your unspoken respect, and for he himself to feel that your words and actions reflect well on his upbringing.

To live your life according to your moral obligations, respecting other people. Your are free to choose your own destination and you can never blame Him for the mistakes you have done. You, not him, is responsible for everything happened to you.

Hi Kitos!
How do you define the word “God”?

Hi Kitos!
How do you define the word “God”?

Hi everyone,

Salivan, my friend, you surely know how to pick a topic.

There are things that we cannot change in life itself. But know this; humans are gifted with freedom. With relative freedom, in all aspects, people can choose to be whatever they want to be and thus defining their life’s purpose. A purpose is not fate, my friend. Fate is an unchangable verdict whereas purpose is a choice. It is really up to the individuals to choose ther purpose. Wether the choice is made out of compassion, faith, reward or glory, it is still a choice. While we can’t change our fate, we can definitely choose our purpose.

I second A.L’s quote that “Life is what you make it”, because life is what you choose it to be. As for me, I choose to help people with their English and learn English from more experienced people so that I can help more people.

A man who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for. ~Henry David Thoreau~

This here might help a tad?
youtube.com/watch?v=buqtdpuZ … re=related

Good morning Tom. I have already gived my opinion in a thread I began a week or so ago.

I don’t believe there is a God, only good and evil.

Look in the mirror, you see what you want to believe.

Good morning Kitos!

We share the same view regarding with God. I don’t believe in God either, in the bible God.

I asked that question because I believe that everyone has something which consider to be his God.

For example, my God is my mind…