Pundits Discuss the Internet's Future?

Hi, I’ve come across an article that is titled Pundits Discuss the Internet’s Future. My question is how popular is the word pundit? I understand that the average native speaker will know the word but when and how would they use it?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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It appears a lot and with the dictionary meaning, Torsten, but I think it is currently being buzzed out by mavens.

However, Ms Google still gives us 17,900,000 English pages for “pundits” vs only 1,100,000 English pages for “mavens”.

Morning Torsten,

Pundit tends to limit itself in the UK to its association with politics. Political pundits are having a field day at the moment because the present Labout Government is going through a series of crises and a pundit pops up and spouts views and opinions every five minutes.


Hi Torsten

I also usually associate the word ‘pundit’ primarily with politics and political opinion and all the bla-bla-bla from a bunch of ‘talking heads’. :lol:

I’ve got a pet peeve related to this word: a lot of the ‘talking heads’ (including reporters) insist on saying “pundent” instead of “pundit”. That drives me crazy. :wink:


The same people will say “tenant” when they want to say “tenet”.

By the way, the word “pundit” comes from the Sanskrit word “pandita”, which means “learned”. Keep that in mind in case someone asks you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, Jamie. I’ill definitely keep that in mind.

Maybe the reason why “pundent” annoys me is that it is usually said by people who profess to be “learned”. :cry: