Proper name and Use of the definite article

Dear experts,

which example sounds more English or is just right:

[color=brown]Bunny Rabbit OR [color=olive]Bunny the Rabbit?

(It’s just an example for similar usage, i.e. Maia the Bee etc.)

I feel liking for the second version but I’d like to have a well-grounded answer. Thanks.

‘Maia the Bee’ sound fine, but ‘Bunny the Rabbit’ does not, because ‘bunny’ = ‘rabbit’ and also many children call rabbits ‘bunny rabbits’. Choose another name for your rabbit.

No, no, it was just a pun as to Bunny as a bunny. Actually, I wanted to clarify the main idea whether I should use [color=blue]the saying, for instance, Mister Micawber The Man/The Teacher/The Artist, you name it, (as a general definition in some cases) or it’s optional. Though without an article things sound quirky, don’t they? We may say Queen Elizabeth but we say Elizabeth [color=blue]the Queen defining [color=blue]that very [color=blue]Elizabeth, do we? The same for other examples of the kind, I may suppose.
All this is not very big deal whatsoever, I just came across such a thing in a book for children translated into English and was stuck. It read something like Nicky Fox and so on, and it sounded unnatural to me, I felt by my skin there must have been [color=blue]the. Put me right if I’m mistaken.

‘Nicky Fox’ is his name.
‘Nicky the Fox’ is his name plus his epithet.

Both styles sound natural, and in a story it is only necessary for the writer to choose one style and be consistent for all the characters. Many stories using each style exist, I am sure.

Thanks a lot.
So resuming - [color=green]when a proper name is followed by a descriptive word, epithet, [color=blue]the [color=green]is necessary.
Did I get the point?
Sorry for being that meticulous :oops:. Sometimes I delve into every detail.

Since they are no longer in common use, I am not sure that all epithets were preceded by the definite article, but I presume they were: Richard the Lionhearted, Felix the Cat, etc.

Thank you ever so much.

very useful