Pronunciation, please be so kind as always to shed some light of this

Raine McQuordale was the daughter of Barbara Cartland. But how do I pronounce McQuorodale?
Can you help me, please @EnglishwithLiz Thank you.


You spelled the name two different ways. You added an extra β€˜O’ the second time.

I can only guess at the pronunciation.

Mick - like Mick Jagger
Quor is probably pronounced like quartz or quarter, which is pronounced like β€˜core’.
Dale like the word dale.

Mick - core - dale

The β€˜qu’ might retain the β€˜w’ sound. So it would be more like quit or quad rather than core. That would make it:
Mick - cwore - dale

When said quickly, the β€˜w’ sound tends to disappear. Over time the β€˜w’ sound completely disappears from many words.


It seems her name is actually McCorquodale per Wikipedia. Although longer, it seems to be easier to pronounce using @NearlyNapping’s guidance above.


Thank you both for your replies.

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