Pronunciation of the name 'Cheiro'

How do I pronounce the name Cheiro? Please help.

Hi Daemon,

The problems with pronouncing names is that the pronunciation may not be based in English. You’d have to either ask the person how to pronounce their name, or if it’s a famous person, you could find information about their name on the internet. Alternately, if you can deduce the origin of the name, you might be able to make a guess if you’re familiar enough with the language the name originated in.

I can’t offer any observation about the name Cheiro, aside from how I’d pronounce it in English, which very likely is incorrect, as it’s not a name originating in English.

In English (although the root is in Greek) it’s a variation of chiro (think:chiropractor), and is pronounced the same, kī′rō. It comes from the Greek word meaning ‘hand’.

If you’re talking about the early 20th century occult figure, aka Count Louis Hamon (or Count Leigh de Hamong), then his name was derived from the word chiromancy or cheiromancy, in which case the English-via-Greek pronunciation mentioned above is correct.