Pronunciation of Dessard


These days I am reading a novel in which two or three names I really cannot pronounce. I would request you to give me the rhyming sounds of the given proper nouns. Sometimes symbols are not easy for me to understand.

1- Dessard (French name???)
2- Coelho (French name???)
3- Bretagne (French name???)


Hi Tom

1- Dessard (French name???) Probably French; I’d say “dess-ARD”
2- Coelho (French name???) Seems to be Portuguese:
3- Bretagne (French name???) Yes, and can be translated as Brittany. Pronunciation of Bretagne:


Dessard said the French way is [de’sa:r] – with a guttural ‘r’ (produced in the throat) and without pronouncing the last ‘d’.

Unless you’re pronouncing it “in English” :lol:

I’m not sure how “Coelho” might be pronounced if a person by that name lived in the US. :?

Some children (or clever clogs) would probably call them Kwell Your Thirst or something of the sort, I’m afraid! :slight_smile: