Pronunciation of 'de'

How should de be pronounced in the following phrase?

Tour de France

Is it like da or di?

I think it’s ‘di’: defacto, de ntegro, de novo, etc.

Isn’t it the same as the first /d/ of “David”?

O it’s beyond me but I think Molly’s right. In French it could even be like ‘do’ in “document” but ‘di’ or /D/ in “David” for Latin?? I am not sure.

I always thought it’s ‘schwa’. ə

In “Tour de France”, English speakers would usually pronounce it as a schwa: [tur də frans] or [tur də frɔns]
(Notice that we don’t pronounce “France” normally in that expression.)

In Latin phrases or people’s surnames, it can be pronounced [di], [də] or [dø], depending on tradition or the preference of the person who has the name. You generally never know, and it’s better to look it up in a dictionary or ask the person.